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Roadmap tab is the timeline view for all packages and versions residing on selected release board based on their Start and Release dates.

Packages and versions without Release date are considered as unscheduled and therefore not displayed on the roadmap.Packages and versions with the Release date and no Start date are shown as Milestones.


To fix it click on a version to drag and drop it within package start/release date. Or click on package to amend start/release date to accommodate the version.

Unscheduled versions

All the versions without Start and Release date are considered as “unscheduled“. They are shown on timeline as small blurred bars for “today“.


By clicking on it you can move start/release date and schedule respectively. The changes will be saved automatically.



The roadmap is split into swimlanes by releasesby either packages or projects.

by packages

If you select packages for swimlanes we will group all the versions (fix- and virtual-) by the packages they belong too. Remember that one version might belong to multiple packages. All versions without a parent release package are grouped into "Versions without releasepackage" at the bottom of the roadmap.


by projects

If you select projects for swimlanes we will group all fix-versions by projects (1-to-1 relationship). We will also outline all the virtual versions and all the packages as 2 additional swimlanes at the bottom of the roadmap.



Any package swimlane could be expanded or collapsed individually or all together using controls on the top bar.


  • you can filter by Archived/Unarchived versions and packages

  • more filters coming soon

Color coding

Coming soon


Advanced filtering


As you probably noticed we color versions and packages according to your State.

For versions:

  • blue means UNRELEASED (state for fix version in Jira)

  • green stays for RELEASED (state for fix version in Jira)

For packages:

  • blue (aka to-do) stays for 1st column on the board

  • green (aka done) means last column on the board

  • yellow (aka in progress) for everything in between.

Coming soon

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