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  1. Name - caption to outline

  2. Projects - multi-select of projects that become a source of your versions / releases

  3. Versions - a multi-select of versions / releases from the selected projects

  4. Units - pick up the measure units. We support Story points, Hours and Issue Count. Story points for the value gained, Hours for efforts burned, Issue count is in the middle. All three supported cross Classic and Next-Gen type of projects for Jira Cloud.

  5. JQL filter - further tailor your burn up by custom predefined JQL filter to shortlist Jira issue you want to use as data source for the graph. The classical use cases are additional filtering by IssueType.

  6. Draw from start date - starts the graph from release start date (or earliest start date of multiple release selected). Otherwise from first unit value change.

  7. Show version summary - toggle to check if you also want to add a progress bar for your releases, both cumulative and individual

  8. Auto refresh - automatically refresh the gadget