Scope Change


Outlines Jira Issues added and removed from the release for the time range specified


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APPs supported

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How to find?

Open your favorite Dashboard or create a new one. Click on “Add gadget“. Search for “Scope Change“ to find it

What it’s about?

Scope change gadget outlines the details of scope changes in your release / version over time:

It is recommended to track such changes and manage them properly.

How it looks?

One can open issues in Issue Navigator to get more details and/or handle issues further.

What are the configuration options?

The gadget has the following configuration options:

  1. Name - caption to outline

  2. Projects - multi-select of projects that become a source of your versions / releases

  3. Versions - a multi-select of versions / releases from the selected projects

  4. Report Interval - you can choose from predefined intervals or define a custom date range

  5. Include Sub-tasks - whether to include sub-tasks to output or not

  6. Estimation - point that you want to use to show the impact of the change

  7. Show items - number of issues per page to show in each category

  8. Auto refresh - automatically refresh the gadget