Release Roadmap Gadget

How to find?

Open your favorite Dashboard or create a new one. Click on “Add gadget“. Search for “Release Roadmap“ to find it

What it’s about?

Release Roadmap gadget shows all the versions / releases selected from multiple projects on a timeline view.

The versions / releases will be placed on the roadmap view according to start / release date. Navigate you mouse to your point of interest to outline a tool tip with additional information. If version / release has no start date it will be shown as milestone at release date.

How it looks?

With swimlanes

Without swimlanes

What are the configuration options?

The gadget has the following configuration options:

  1. Name - caption to outline

  2. Projects - multi-select of projects that become a source of your versions / releases

  3. Versions - a multi-select of versions / releases from the selected projects

  4. Archived - whether to show just active versions / releases or achieved as well

  5. Report interval - define the timescale of the gadget

  6. Start Date - where to start timeline view

  7. Group by project - outline project swimlanes or not

  8. Auto refresh - automatically refresh the gadget