Manage release boards

View all boards

Any user can view all release boards which are available based on user's Browse board permissions using "View all boards" which can be found at Jira top menu → Releases.

The following information is displayed for each board in the list:

  • board name
  • board projects
  • board operations

Create board

Please find more details about the new board creation in the "Quickstart: Create your first release board" chapter above.

Delete board

Board administrator can delete a board by following the  "Delete" operation in the board actions.

View board settings

Board administrator can view and update board settings using "Settings" operation in the board actions.

Search boards

Users can search a board by its name using the Search field in the toolbar.

Release board view

Release board contains three main sections which are displayed on separate tabs:

  • Versions - to work with versions of all projects added to the Release board
  • Releases - to work with releases
  • Timeline - to work with versions and releases on the Calendar view