Roadmap view for versions scheduling

Timeline view

Timeline tab is the calendar view for all releases and versions based on their Start and Release dates.

Releases and versions without Release date are considered as unscheduled and therefore not displayed on the Timeline.

All unscheduled items can be found on the Unscheduled panel where you can schedule them by specifying the Release date.

Releases and versions with the Release date only are displayed as Milestones.

In addition to releases and versions overview on the Timeline you can:

  • update start and release dates by drag-and-drop
  • add new and edit existing releases and versions
  • search timeline by item name and versions by released/archived status
  • identify versions which mismatch their parent release dates
  • schedule multiple releases and versions at once

Here is a brief overview of the Timeline UI blocks:

  1. Unscheduled panel
  2. Releases panel
  3. Releases with nested versions 
  4. Versions
  5. Milestones

The timeline is split into swimlanes by releases. All versions without a parent release are grouped into "Versions without release" in the bottom of the Timeline.

It is possible to Edit, Archive or Delete versions and releases on the Timeline from the context menu.

Versions these actions are only available for users with version's project administration permission.

Scheduling warning

If a version is part of the release and the version start date is before the release start date or the version release date is after the release date of parent release scheduling, a warning is displayed:

Unscheduled panel

The Unscheduled panel contains all releases and version which don't have the Release date.

It is possible to schedule releases and their versions from that panel in bulk.

The panel has its own search function that can help to find the items to schedule.

If a release has at least one version without a release date  - the release should stay in unscheduled tab even if it has a release date specified. Correspondingly, the release will be shown on the timeline.

In order to schedule a release or a version, click the Schedule button   next to the item to be scheduled. 

Release scheduling dialog

  1. Start date of the release
  2. Release date of the release
  3. Apply the start date of the release as the start date of each unscheduled version that belongs  to the release
  4. An option to apply the release date of the release as the release date of each unscheduled version that belongs to the release
  5. Option to independently specify the start date of each particular version in the release
  6. Option to independently specify the release date of each particular version in the release

Schedule version dialog