Other Policies

Apart from https://releasemanagement.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TRUSTRM/pages/2615574565 we have a number other publicly available policies below to review. There is also a standard package of “internal' policies available on demand.

Publicly Available

On Demand

The following list of “internal“ policies could be provided as standard package for your InfoSec team for review and evaluation. Our Security & Data Protection Officer would be happy to conduct a session with your InfoSec team to go over it and address any concerns you might have.

  • Information Security Policy (on demand)

    • IT Assets Policy

    • Access Control Policy

    • Password Control Policy

    • Emails Policy

    • Antiviruses Policy

    • Information Classification Policy

    • Remote Access Policy

    • Outsourcing Policy

    • Acceptable Use of Information Assets Policy

    • Secure Information Transfer Policy

  • Release/Change Management Process (on demand)

  • Incident Management Policy (on demand)

  • Security Notification Plan (on demand)

  • Business Continuity and Recovery Plans (on demand)

  • Risk Management Program (on demand)

All the inquiries on security, data privacy and/or other “internal” policies should be sent to to security@releasemanagement.app.