as Roadmap

Roadmap view outlines the issues from the projects configured that matches JQL defined and statuses mapped. The issue will be shown on the timeline from the moment it was moved from one of the un-mapped statuses to one of the moved. Transitions within mapped statuses will be show on time with appropriate color coding. The finally the bar will end when issue is moved from one of the mapped statuses to un-mapped.

We also show the issue on the timeline if any worklog was made for this issue that day (read more in section of this documentation)

Navigation on timeline

To move across timeline you can use the following navigation controls:

Thus you can

  • Zoom in/out as well as reset zoom

  • Move to back/forward in accordance with zoom option defined

  • also scroll back to “Today“ (default)

Grouping or Swimlanes

You can enable Swimlanes to group items accordingly:

Thus you can group by

  • Projects you selected in calendar Settings

  • Assignees of the issues

  • Priority of the issues

  • Fix Version of the issues

  • Component of the issues

Collapse All/Expand All buttons could be used to organize the swimlanes.

If you have daily WIP settings defined it will apply per-swimlane. Otherwise for all the issues on the view.

Daily Work-in-Progress (WIP) Limits

On the roadmap view you can configure daily WIPs. To do so go to calendar setting and setup min/max settings for the limit as well as the color coding you would like to use for exceeding limits.

If swimlanes (grouping) is turned on WIPs will apply per swimlane, otherwise to all the issues on the calendar for specific date.

In case of exceeding limits the date will be colored according to color picker made.

Time Tracking

If time tracking is enabled Roadmap view will show all worklog made as “clock“ icon. Once you put a mouse of it you will see the details about time logged specific date plus comment as well as total time logged for the issue.

If you want to log more time directly from the app put a mouse on intersection of the date and task to click on “plus“ icon.

A dialog will show up to log your time

You can also change the date from the dialog if you clicked on the wrong one.

For more details about Worklog go to section of this documentation.

Quick filters

You can fine tune your Roadmap view via Quick filters. To create one just specify a custom JQL you like and name it.

Click “Create & Apply“ to apply immediately.

You can create an unlimited number of filters and apply all of them together or some of it.

All created filters could be reused in Gadgets.