Getting started

Hi, and welcome to our space where you can find out all the details about comprehensive Release Reports & Dashboards you can build with “Gadgets for Program & Release Management“. Let’s get started.

How to install?


If you are using cloud version of Jira click on Apps > Find new apps. Search for “release management“, click on “Gadgets for Program & Release Management“ and choose “Request app“ at top right corner.

Server & DataCenter

If you are using Server or DataCenter version click on “Jira Administration > Manage Apps”. Type “release management“ in “Search the Marketplace“ input, click on “Gadgets for Program & Release Management“ and select “Free Trial“.

How to see all the gadgets available?

Open you favorite Dashboard or create new one. Search for “Release Gadgets“ to see all the available gadgets in the library.

Documentation says the gadget exists, but I can’t find it?

Try to search for specific name. Otherwise, ask your Admin to click on Apps > Manager your Apps. Find “Release Gadgets for Jira“ in the list and click “Update“. If nothing helps please write to support: - we are keen to advice.

I can see the same gadgets twice

Yes, it might be the case. It means you also have “Release Management & Roadmaps -Jira Cloud” App (for Cloud version) or “Release Management for Jira“ App (for Server or DataCenter version) installed from the same vendor. If you look precisely the gadgets are slightly different:

  • logos are different

  • names have different ending.

“Release Management …” App gadgets are built around notion of “Release board“ that’s proprietary to the App add most configurations start from the board selector. “Gadgets for Program & Release Management“ are agnostic of “Release boards“ and built on top of Jira Releases / fixVersions only thus you would need to pick up single or multiple fixVersions for most of your Gadgets configuration.

What I can do with it?



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