Universal Progress Bar

How to find?

Open your favorite Dashboard or create a new one. Click on “Add gadget“. Search for “Universal Progress“ to find it

What it’s about?

The gadget show the progress bar by custom JQL filter. e.g. it could be all the issues in release or all the stories in the Epic or subtasks of the Task, etc..

3 predefined status are “To Do“, “In Progress“ and “Done”.

Q: How we find it out if Jira has custom workflow for issues?

A: Apparently any workflow step is associated with one of the above statuses. We just match it for you.

How it looks?

All the numbers are links that you can click. It will navigate you to appropriate filter so you can take further action, e.g. exports to any format and/or perform bulk operation.

What are the configuration options?

The gadget has the following configuration options:

  1. Name - caption of the Gadget

  2. JQL filter - predefine JQL filter to apply

  3. Auto refresh - automatically refreshes gadget