Release Calendar Gadget

How to find?

Open your favorite Dashboard or create a new one. Click on “Add gadget“. Search for “Release Calendar Gadget“ to find it

What it’s about?

Release calendar gadget shows all versions / releases on a calendar view from a particular project or multiple projects highlighted.

The versions / releases will be placed on the calendar according to release date (if defined).

How it looks?

The following color coding is used.

  1. UNRELEASED versions are marked as blue 

  2. RELEASED versions are marked as green 

What are the configuration options?

The gadget has the following configuration options:

  1. Name - caption to outline

  2. Projects - multi-select of projects that become a source of your versions / releases

  3. Status - a filter for Released, Unreleased or All versions / releases to depict

  4. Show archived packages and versions - add archived versions / releases as well

  5. Show week from Monday - Sun is by default

  6. Auto refresh - automatically refreshes gadget