Configure board settings

(1) You can get to board configuration screen either via action menu from My Boards screen

or clicking on setting icon in top right corner of any board

(2) Board configuration screen has 2 tabs:

  • General and

  • Columns & Swimlanes

(3) on “General” Tab you can amend

  • Name of the board

  • Projects to pool Jira issues from

  • JQL to filter out the issues

  • Order by to select the field you would like to use for ordering (Rank is default option)

  • Statistics by to select whether to use Issue Count, Story Points or Hours for Columns and Swimlanes statistics (Read more).

If Story Points or Hours will be selected we will show also statistic on individual issue card.

  • Allow OR for Columns and Swimlanes with multiple values assigned.

The feature is mostly for visualization purposes. Turning on this feature might lead to duplicated issues on the board if Columns or Swimlanes contain overlapping values. While applying WIP limits we will consider only unique issues. While moving issue into specific Column or Swimlanes we will still assign all the values defined for the destination Column or Swimlanes.

  • Group by parent to keep parent/child issues together, namely Epic with underlying Stories/Tasks and respectively Stories/Tasks with their Subtasks.

(4) on “Columns and Swimlanes“ tab you can change configuration of fields used respectively for Columns and Swimlanes. Swimlanes are optional. To remove them choose “-- none -- “ in popup.