Manage boards


View all boards

(1) To View All boards click on menu icon in top left corner and select “TOOLS/Manage Boards“.

You will receive a list of available boards including

  • Board Name

  • Board Projects

  • Board Action Menu on the right

(2) Click on selected board to Open it

(3) To Configure or Delete the board click on the action menu of the right

Create board

Please find out more details on how to create your first board in "Quick start: Create your first board" chapter above.

View board settings

Select Settings from the board action menu to open board configuration screen. Remove more about all possible board configurations in section of this documentation.

Delete board

Select Delete from the board action menu to remove the board. Prior to removal you will receive a confirmation screen:

The Board

The board is a table with multiple columns and multiple swimlanes (if swimlanes are configured in the settings) as sown below:

Please read more about what you can do on the board in section of this documentation.