Calendar view

To enable calendar view for your release and version click on “Calendar” in top navigation bar

We outline two months - current and next one. To scroll into the future or past use left/right arrows in navigation section of the view.

By clicking on “This month“ you will be scrolled to current + next month.

As you can see we also flexible in configuration to start weeks from Monday or Sunday supporting different cultures and geo locations.

The View

All versions and releases from the board that have Release Date specified will be shown on the Calendar view.

  • versions are shown Green

  • release are Blue (thus we are consistent with other view through out the App)

Simple search is available while more advanced filtering is coming shortly.

By clicking on any version or release you will navigate to standard version/release details screen with

  • Summary

  • Milestones

  • Issues

  • and Commits

Coming soon

We have gathered quite a roadmap for this future including, but limited to

  • Advanced filtering similar to Roadmap view and Kanban board

  • Drag and Drop to change release dates

  • Milestones on the view

  • Blackout periods, etc.

But we are also happy for your feedback. Let us know.

Available as Gadget?

Sure, check respective section of this documentation.