Milestones "on the way"


In addition to custom workflows for versions and releases, Release Management app allows to create intermediate milestones for both that could be

  • either linked to accomplishments of certain steps in workflow

  • or other important check-ins, not necessarily connected with workflow steps

Once specified for versions and/or releases, milestones will be outlined on Timeline view (incl. Gadgets) as well as become input parameters for Burnup and Trends Reports (incl. Gadgets).

The following sections outlines the functionalities in all the details.

Manage Milestones

Add milestone

To add milestone cherry pick any version or release on the road to open an “Edit“ dialog. Select “Milestones“ tab. Specify your first milestone title, date and Click “Add“.

Edit milestone

We support in-line editing for Milestones so pick the property you want to change and alter.

Achieved flag

Milestone could be marked as “Achieved“ or not (by default). This could happen either manually clicking on the slider:

or automatically by moving version/release into specific column (status):

Color coding

If you miss Milestone or create one in the past it will be colored in Red.

If you schedule a Milestone outside the boundaries of the version/release defined by Start/Release date it will be colored in Yellow.

Ordering milestones

Milestones are ordered the way you create it. To change it, just drag and drop specific row to the place you want to keep it.

Milestones on Timeline

All the Milestones that fits the boundaries of the version / release will be outlined on the timeline. The rest of milestones with dates below “Start date” and/or above “Release date” won't be outlined.

All the “achieved“ milestones are colored in Green. All the missed ones are depicted in Red. The future milestones are Grey’ed-out.

incl. Gadgets

The same functionality exists in timeline Gadget.

Milestones in Reports

With Milestones you can further fine tune your Burnups and Trends reports for versions and releases. Just pick up your milestones in “From-To“ drop-downs to filter the report output. Please find few examples below:

incl. Gadgets

Same option is available in Burnup and Trends Gadgets.