UC: Advanced Kanban Board


Use Case

Kanban Board




Managed Projects



Flexible Kanban board with advanced WIP limits

The paragraphs below outlines the specific use case. For more details about advanced features and complementary functionality we suggest to review https://releasemanagement.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ASPT/pages/875692462 section of this documentation.

Detailed overview

How to create?

(1) Go to “My Boards“ section. If you do not have any active boards this going to be your default page.

Otherwise (if you already have one or few boards created) click on menu icon in top left corner to select “Manage Boards“

(2) Click on “Create board“, choose “Advanced Kanban Board“ and Next.

(3) On the initial configuration screen please specify

  • Name of the board

  • Projects to pool Jira issues from

  • JQL to filter out the issues

    • for stories only use “issueType in (Story)”

(4) Click “Create“

How to use?

(1) You will receive a board with all applicable Jira issues in “Others“ swimlane. Sametime system will automatically grab all the issue types and their schemas that matches your JQL to re-populate columns with statuses. Identical statuses will be merged. All of them gonna be sorted by status category.

(2) Navigate between the swimlanes and click “+” to add your swimlanes per-assignee.

Add more Assignees if you like.

If you want a different field for Swimlanes please go to Board Settings to change it.

You can also specify WIP limits for your swimlane and adjust color coding to highlight swimlanes if number of issues is exceeding limitations.

(3) Click “Edit” for any column.

Thus you can adjust the statuses, alter the title and define WIP limits for your columns (or per swimlane in the column)

(4) Drag and drop issues between columns/swimlanes to assign Jira issues to a) appropriate Status b) appropriate Assignee. All the changes to the fields are applied automatically and you do not need to commit it after.

(5) To Edit column value, Change title, Add or Remove one move mouse to selected column and you will receive a tooltip with all the available options:

(6) Same applies to swimlanes: - navigate your mouse to one of them to Add, Edit or Delete

How to configure?

(1) Click settings icon in top right corner ..

.. to open “Board configuration“ screen.

(2) on “General” Tab you can amend

  • Name of the board

  • Projects to pool Jira issues from

  • JQL to filter out the issues

  • Order by field (Rank by default)

  • Status colors pick up

(3) on “Columns and Swimlanes“ tab you can change configuration of fields used respectively for Columns and Swimlanes. Swimlanes are optional. To remove them choose “-- none -- “ in popup.


To create this board we’ve got inspiration from Kanban Maturity Modell (KMM) powered by Kanban University.