UC: Convert Existing Board


Use Case

Convert Existing Board




Managed Projects



Enrich your existing Kanban and/or Scrum board with some of our advanced features.

The paragraphs below outlines the specific use case. For more details about advanced features and complementary functionality we suggest to review https://releasemanagement.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ASPT/pages/875692462 section of this documentation.

Detailed overview

How to create?

(1) Go to “My Boards“ section. If you do not have any active boards this going to be your default page.

Otherwise (if you already have one or few boards created) click on menu icon in top left corner to select “Manage Boards“

(2) Click on “Create board“, choose “Advanced Kanban Board“ and Next.

(3) On the initial configuration screen please

  • select existing Scrum/Kanban board (will will list all the available boards that you has access to)

  • once selected the Name will be populated automatically. But you can also change it

  • also Projects will be populated automatically (see below how). But we can add missing as well.

  • and finally to copy some board specific information from your existing board we would need an access token to be created. Therefore, toggle Provide user name and token to import swimlanes, colors and time in status configuration ON

Click on here link to get into Atlassian standard UI for token generation. Generate token and copy it to specify email/token on board creation screen.

(4) Now we can click “Create“ to advance your Scrum/Kanban board with our advanced features while maintaining your existing configurations.

We do no pass your tokens to our servers. It’s kept in your user session in encrypted way. Unless you revoke it or clean your browser session storage we will re-use it again and again so you should do it only once. Any other App can’t process it from the storage due to encryption mechanism we use.

How we convert?


Once you select the board you would like to convert into Advanced Board we will parse the configuration of the board to automatically extract

  • Project specified in Location

  • Projects specified in “Projects in board“

  • Projects we derive from your board “Filter Query“

This should autopopulate majority of the projects. There are some rare (endge) cases when due to complexity of JQL we can’t retrieve a complete list of projects. If so, please add missing to the list. You can do it also at a later stages if you miss it while creating.


For Scrum boards we just copy the main filter is used for the board.

For Kanban boards we merge it with “Kanban sub-filter“ specified.


Jira Rank is used by default. But you can also go to setting and use any other standard or custom field to sorting in Advanced Boards.

Hide completed issues older than

We copy that setting as well.


In standard Scrum/Kanban boards columns can only configured as statuses. We copy this configuration. In case any column in your standard Scrum/Kanban board has multiple status mapped to it we will automatically create column group and stack it vertically.

We will also copy WIP settings from your standard Scrum/Kanban board. Same time we will encorage you to check much more flexible options you can gain with Advanced boards.


Standard Scrum/Kanban boards have a limitted list of Swimlane options. We support all that and just copy. Same time in Advanced boards you can pick any standard or custom field as swimlane.

Quick Filters

Quick filters are JQL based. They alll will be copied and can be re-used using Quick Filters functionality of Advanced boards.

\Card colors

In Jira you can pick up any color you want. In Advanced boards we have a predefined pallet. Therefore, while converting we will be pick up colors from the pallet that have the closest match to the ones you pick up in Jira.

Card layout

In Jira you can have different layout for Backlog and Active sprints/Kanban. In Advanced boards we have a unified one. Thus, we will copy the layout configured for Active sprints/Kanban and will reuse it for the Expand mode that we suggest to use for baklog’ng.

We also copy days in column configuration.


We copy the configuration of Estimation in Jira boards to become a source of Statistics features and functionality we use in Advanced boards.