Dependencies (Links)



Our board also can identify the links between the issues (in other words up- & down-stream dependencies). To try it out click Dependencies toggle in the top right corner

To create any link put a mouse onto bottom right corner of the card to get a red anchor. If it’s not there please make sure “Dependencies“ toggle is ON. Click on red anchor and move the mouse towards the issue you want to link.

Drop the mouse. Issues link pop up with show up. Please select the type of the link and click “Link“.

The dependency will be visualized on the board.

Upstream dependecies are show on the left, downstream - respectively on the right.


To delete the link please click on any issue of the two and delete it from Issue view dialog.


Alternatively you can click on any dependency to show a popup with all the dependencies. Select one of them and tap “delete“ button. Go on to delete multiple links


Click on dependency and tap “delete“ button to show a confirmation screen and drop specific link.

Color coding for dependencies (links)

Check out our board configuration sessions to find out how to color code you up- & down- stream dependencies.

“Invisible“ dependencies (links)

If we can’t outline some of the dependencies because “linked“ issues are not visible on the screen we will give an indication that there are some “invisible“ links.

Once you click on it all the links will be show (upstream and downstream).

Filter by dependencies (links)

We presume links in Jira are heavily used for different use cases, sometimes for dependencies, sometimes for hierarchies when levels are not enough, etc. So, when you outlining dependencies on the board you do not necessarily want to see it all. Color coding is making half job to bring attention to those links that are relevant. But we decided to go further and implement filter by links so you can really show the dependencies you need or switch between different dependencies / use cases.

Once you turn dependencies toggle on filter icon will become available to list all available links. Select the ones you want to show. The counter will show the amount of link types selected.