Kanban Analytics (powered by Nave)


As of March 13, 2024 we launched an integration with Nave for provide best in class Kanban Analytics for Advanced Kanban users as well as let Nave users to optimize Kanban Workflows with rich toolset of Advanced Kanban Boards.



We have been asked by a number of our clients to provide Kanban Analytics to verify the effects of applying WIP, Aging and Returns limits on Kanban Workflow in order to optimize the throughout. While optimizing Kanban Workflow with backlog full of ideas (partially coming from our clients) bringing a vector of Kanban Analytics would most certainly defocus us for some decent period of time. Therefore, we decided to integrate with best in class App for Kanban Analytics - Nave - to get the best synergy of the 2 Apps combined.

Analytics tab

Only available for Advanced Boards with Columns defined as Status.

If you use Kanban Boards - namely the boards with columns defined as Status - you will see Analytics tab.


If you do not have Nave installed it will suggest you to kick off the trial.


If you have Nave installed it will kick off a wizard to create Nave dashboard for your existing Kanban Board.

You would need to Map your Kanban statuses to predefined To Do, Doing and Done and Nave will take it from there. Please reach out Nave Documentation for more details.

If you have Nave Dashboard configured by clicking on the Tab you will seamlessly navigate to appropriate Nave dashboard to access Kanban Analytics

Open ”Advanced Kanban Boards” from Nave

Nave is App for Jira, but also a standalone App.

If you try to access Advanced Kanban Boards from Nave and you do not have Advanced Kanban Boards App for Jira installed Nave will suggest to get one.

If you have Nave dashboard associated with Jira standard board you will have an option to create an Advanced Kanban board from your standard Jira board and associate it with Nave dashboard.

Integration details

You can configure a separate JQL that will be used by Nave as opposed to one you will use on the Board. By default Board JQL is used. In any case, this additional JQL is applied on top of list of projects defined be board.

What happens when you update board Projects and/or JQL?

You do Nave dashboard and configuration only once presuming your board configuration is not updated.

In case you alter board JQL or list of projects … next time you click Analytics tab Nave will ask you to re-assure your mapping of statuses or change it to incorporate all the changes (if any).