FAQ & Troubleshooting the App


Why user avatar is not visible on the board?

In short: Because users did not allow to share!

Longer version below:

There might be the case that user avatar is not shown on the card in the Assignee field and in the user quick filter carousell.

In order to overcome this problem, please ask people to enable their avatar sharing so they will appear on the board:

Click on the Avatar → Manage account

Share the user’s avatar with anyone

After this change, the avatar will be shown on the board as expected.

Troubleshooting the App

Local storage is not available

We extensively use your browser local storage to remember your recent boards, preferences for the tabs opened, filters used, etc. We also use it store flags that we showed you quick tour and what’s new carousels. In case access tp local storage is prohibited the App might malfunction to show you quick tour and/or what’s new carousels all the time, do no remember your recent boards and preferences.

If this is your decision we encourage you to amend it for the App to work properly. If this is your company policy we are happy to sit with your InfoSec team to show what we maintain there and agree on how we can resolve it.

Anyway, feel free to reach out to our support for an advice.

Safari iframe local storage cleaning


In short, when you close Safari App it cleans all the local storages and cookies set in iframes. And we (our App) do work in Atlassian Jira iframe. Since local storage is not persistent some of your default settings and configurations won’t be maintained .. but probably the “most annoying” is us always showing you Quickstart after you start Safari and open our App again.

We are looking for workaround at the moment …

Can’t see “Advanced Agile Boards“ in Apps section

If the users that meant to be the audience to use Advanced Agile Boards can’t see it in Apps section you would need to adjust Jira Global Permissions to make the App available for your target groups and users.

To do so please navigate to


or click “Settings Gear > System

and select “Global Permissions

Make sure all the required users and groups have access to Release Management App.

To change it please scroll to the bottom of Global Permissions page and select

If you do not have access to Global Permissions please ask you Jira Administrator to check the settings and make necessary changes.

If for some reason you still can't see the App please reach out to our support for an advice.

How to sent us extended Debug information

Sometimes the problem is not obvious and we need an extended Debug information to troubleshoot. Therefore, please follow the below guide to collect and send us such details so our team resolve your particular issue faster.

Right mouse click at some free space off the App and choose Inspect menu item. This will open your bowser development console.

Go to Network and apply filter by Fetch/XHR

Perform the action that is causing your errors/problems

As soon as the error will be shown, could you please check if any red lines will be in the following table?

If Yes, for each read line could you please send the following information to our team

Content from Headers tab. Just Copy & Paste it in support ticket.

Content from Response tab. Just Copy & Paste it in support ticket.

Appreciate it.