Migration to Cloud

If you are considering to migrate your Jira instance to Cloud we we would be happy to introduce our Release Management & Roadmap -Jira Cloud App. This post is mainly about “How to migrate?” and “What is the difference?” so you can make an educated decision.

Let’s start with so quick Q&A.

FAQ about Cloud App





Is it secured?

Yes, we are Cloud security Participant in collaboration with Atlassian & Bugcrowd where 300+ researches are continuously trying to breach our security.

Did they find any vulnerabilities?

Yes, few items were reported. All of them are fixed on timely manner. We have a practice in place to communicate within 48hours any P1 and P2 items found and our action to eliminate.

Where the data is stored?

Distributed cluster in two location in Europe (Germany, Finland). Also backups in AWS (Germany).

Is it GDPR compliant?

We do not store any PII data.

The biggest client tier using the App?

2650 (as of Aug 8th, 2021)

Is there any automation migration tool?

Nope, but there are options to automate migration though. See below.

Functionality is the same or different?

Both. Core functionality is the same. There’s approx. 20% deviation in features. Some are pending development for another App. Others - we do not have plans to migrate. See below.

Do you plan to abandon Server Apps?

Nope, not at all. We have single code base for Server and DataCenter and we actually keep on investing in the Apps as the segment is keep on growing. So, while Atlassian allows upgrade of Server versions … clients will be receiving the same builds we are preparing for DataCenter edition.

More details

Migration automation

As of now (Aug 8th, 2021) we do not have a tool for migration automation. We also do not have it on roadmap till EOY 2021. Up-to-date roadmap could be always found here at our Server or DataCenter Apps BIO @ Atlassian Marketplace.

What are the options?

If you have a decent amount of Boards with created Releases, Notes Templates, Environments and Milestones you might consider to automate the migration. There’s a technical possibility to do so. For this you would need an engineering arm in your organization or engage with one of Atlassian solution partners to advice with complete migration.

Both Apps have REST API available.

Server and DataCenter Apps:

Cloud Apps:

When it comes to APIs we eat our own dog food and use the same API to build frontend of our Apps. So for sure you can use both to retrieve the information you want to migrate and create it with Cloud App.

Any assistance you might need on the way please contact our support team.

Functionality parity

Core functionality

We have good parity for the core features of the app with maybe small adjustment - we started to use a notion of “Packages” in Cloud Apps instead of cross-project “Releases“ to avoid confusion with Jira Releases (that are de-facto versions).

Server and DataCenter App

Cloud App

Server, Datacenter only

Server and DataCenter App

Cloud App

Server and DataCenter App

Cloud App

Web Hooks

Q4, 2021

Releases & Versions Transition Restrictions

Q3-Q4, 2021

Custom JQL functions

No plans so far

Extended Roadmap Filtering

Q1, 2022

Milestones Report

Q1, 2022

Versions and Environments Tables in Release Notes

Q2, 2022

Export Gadgets to Confluence

Not supported by Jira Cloud

Comments and Transition History

Q3-Q4, 2021

Cloud only

Server and DataCenter App

Cloud App

Server and DataCenter App

Cloud App

Q1, 2022

Package/Release Templates

Q1, 2022

Release Calendar Export to .ics

Partially. In-scope of Release only.

(no plans to align at the moment)

Multi-select/Bulk Operations

We suggest to kick off a trial with Cloud solution before you decide to migrate to check all the features you use in Server/Datacenter versions. Any assistance you might need on the way please contact our support team.