UC: Classic Estimation Board


Use Case

“Ideal Hours” Estimation Board




Managed Projects

Company Managed Projects


Easy to use board for Original or Remaining Time estimations of your Jira issues

The paragraphs below outlines the specific use case. For more details about advanced features and complementary functionality we suggest to review https://releasemanagement.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ASPT/pages/875692462 section of this documentation.

Detailed overview

How to create?

(1) Go to “My Boards“ section. If you do not have any active boards this going to be your default page.

Otherwise (if you already have one or few boards created) click on menu icon in top left corner to select “Manage Boards“

(2) Click on “Create board“, choose “Classic Estimation Board“ and Next.

(3) On the initial configuration screen please specify

  • Name of the board

  • Projects to pool Jira issues from

  • JQL to filter out the issues

(4) Click “Create“

How to use?

(1) You will receive a board with pre-configured columns for Original Time Estimation. Checkout configuration section of this page to change to “Remaining Time Estimation“

(2) Drag and drop issues between column to assign new / change existing estimate. All the changes to estimates are applied automatically and you do not need to commit it after.

(3) To Edit column value, Change title, Add or Remove one move mouse to selected column and you will receive a tooltip with all the available options:

e.g. let’s click on Edit

How to configure?

(1) Click settings icon in top right corner ..

.. to open “Board configuration“ screen.

(2) on “General” Tab you can amend

  • Name of the board

  • Projects to pool Jira issues from

  • JQL to filter out the issues

(3) on “Columns and Swimlanes“ tab you can change configuration of fields used respectively for Columns and Swimlanes. Swimlanes are optional. To remove them choose “-- none -- “ in popup.

For Classic Estimation Board we suggest to try out the following swimlanes:

  • Sprints to put Tasks (or sub-tasks) in appropriate sprint along side estimation

  • Assignees to assign Tasks (or sub-tasks) to selected team member along side estimation

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