Track source code changes


The features below allow a user to take a helicopter and detailed views on commits, branches and pull requests which were created for release or version.

The features will be only available if a Jira instance is integrated with Bitbucket, GitHub (Hosted and Enterprise) and GitLab (Cloud and OnPrem). Otherwise, no data will be presented.

Please read details about the integration of Jira with

Code view

Code view could be enabled from the Issues tab on release or version details screen.

Enabled code view:

If the Code view enabled the user can’t configure columns anymore. The columns set is predefined.

In the code changes column the user can see:

  • Number of branches which are created for a particular Jira issue

  • Quantity of commits

  • Amount of pull requests and their statuses

In case more than one page of issues lists are available, sorting by Code change column will only work for the current page and will not take data from other pages, in contrast to sorting by any other column in the table.

Such limitation is dictated by technical aspects of code changes data fetching.

After a click at branches, commits or pull requests a user can see a screen with detailed information about each entity:



Pull requests

User can navigate from the details screen to the repository to check the details like changes in the code, code review, etc

Information about builds and environment will not be available in the current version of the release management.

Please create a feature request if you miss this information.



Commits tab is available on version and release levels.

On the tab, the user can see all commits which belong to version or all versions in the release sorted from newest to oldest.

In order to limit the amount of presented data, commits are presented for the first 1000, recently updated issues in release or version.

In order to receive commits data click “Fetch data“ button. Data loading might take some time. The user will see a data loading progress bar.



User can navigate to the repository to see the commit details and changes in particular files.

Annex A: GitLab (OnPrem) integration

The main article on how to integrate GitLab with Jira is here:

The following instruction can help you to overcome the issue with GitLab integration.

There’s no official integration between Jira and GitLab (OnPrem) at the moment. Good news there is some unofficial workaround for DVCS account to work out of the box. Please follow the steps below:

  1. You need to upgrade GitLab version to 13.4.3. (We tested on: GitLab Community Edition 13.4.3)

  2. Configure connector from GitLab side

  3. Navigate to Jira and do the configuration of DVCS account according to the following instructions:

  4. Click add and receive an error from GitLab side:)

  5. Amend the URL which was used for redirect to GitLab:

  6. Replace repo to api as showed below and press Enter

  7. As result, the configuration will be completed

Please leave a ticket with our support team if you have any difficulties with this workaround and we would be happy to advise.